Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The start of a new adventure!

A few months ago I decided to make a huge change in my life and move clear to the other side of the world for a year, specifically, to New Zealand. I will not take the credit for coming up with this idea...no, that belongs to my friend, I'm just piggy-backing off it. But after this previous year of little direction, and no career advancement, I felt it would be good to shake things up and try something new.

How to explain my reasoning behind this...can I tell you I just have a good feeling about it, that it feels right? No? Yea, I didn't think you would buy that. What I can tell you is that when what you are doing isn't working it is time to try something new. As my other friend repeats to me, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So I have decided to leap off that insanity merry-go-round and go in search of those different results.

Why New Zealand? (Which I would then say "Why not?" if I wanted to be a smart-ass...)15 years ago I traveled with a student ambassador group to both Australia and New Zealand, and though, when I mention this trip, I always say Australia first, it was New Zealand that stole my heart. With just over a week to travel there, we only saw the north island, but that was enough for me. Of all the places I have been, that has been at the top of my list to visit again. And who wouldn't want to chase summer?

Everyone asks what I'll be doing down there when I tell them I am leaving. You see the disappointment and confusion when I tell them I have very little planned and basically that is the point. In the past I have never made a step without knowing exactly where I will be landing my foot next. This trip is a way for me to expanded my horizons and see what I can do when I just let go and let life happen, rather then follow a plan.

But it will be hard not to plan somethings...like activities I want to do, such as skydive, surf, sail, and snowboard. Maybe I'll start telling everyone that is what I'll be doing when they ask.

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