Friday, March 30, 2012

Way to Give Way!

The New Zealand people are so nice. They will go out of their way to help you find a pair of boots you know are not in the store. They start up conversations just because they are friendly. They will let you go before them when you are making a right hand turn and they are coming the opposite direction. Yea, that’s how nice New Zealander’s are.

But no matter how nice it may be to have oncoming traffic stop so you can make a turn, it just doesn’t make sense as a driving rule. And so, this past Sunday, that rule has now changed so that it is the same as with the rest of the world. That means cars will no longer be giving way when you are wanting to make a right hand turn and they are driving in the oncoming traffic. Drivers will not be waving you on you turn in front of them at a T intersection.

This has been a much discussed topic in the past few weeks, going so far as to have a tv campaign to make sure everyone knew what the changes were and when they were going to be taking effect.
Top Of The T Before Me
I had heard these changes were going to be happening when I first arrived here in New Zealand. When I had first heard about the rules I thought the person telling me was joking. They weren’t, but I still thought it a strange rule. And since I knew I wasn’t going to be driving that much before the rule change, I decided it wasn’t worth learning (sorry New Zealand). And I didn’t find that it hurt me, or anyone else for that matter…though I’m sure there are drivers out there who think I am incredibly rude for not giving way. I do think of it that I was practicing for when the give way rule would change, helping others become accustomed to this new selfishness they were going to have to practice out on the road. My plan worked, the people are fine.

Though I do think a little kindness has died this past week with the giving way rule change.