Thursday, October 4, 2012

I’m world famous! …in New Zealand.

A few months back, when it was technically summer here in New Zealand, I jumped at the chance to be on TV. I was hanging at my hostel when the owner asked what everyone was doing the next day and who would want to get free admission into a local amusement park for a couple hours of sitting in the stands while a crew shot a commercial. I was excited; I would be on TV and get to go into the park without paying? I figured it was a “score” moment if ever there was one.

The next day I took extra care with I outfit and put on makeup for the first time in weeks, I wanted to make sure I looked the best that I possibly could, you know, in case this was my big break and I was “discovered.”

We arrived and made our way to the new bird show stadium where we were directed to sit within a certain section and pretend we had just seen a fantastic show with exotic birds flying all around. I placed a huge smile on my face, not hard with how excited I was to be there, and made sure I sat straight (shoulders back, chest out).

It was really interesting watching the film crew do their work and set up the camera and other film equipment, I have never seen a production like this performed. I tried to pick out the director, producer, and figure out what roles the other people were there for.

I wasn't discovered, but I’m ok with that. You can clearly see me with my bright teal sweater showcasing my brightest smile, to the right of the words over the bird man’s shoulder.