Friday, October 21, 2011

Dancing Queen

Soundtrack: "Dancing Queen" - ABBA

I have watched countless movies where the leads meet while dancing, fought while dancing, and, as always, fell in love while dancing. I always laugh while dancing. It doesn't matter if it's ballroom, bouncing along to pop hits, ballet, or, this past weeks dancing excursion, colonial dancing.

That's right, I went colonial dancing. And I had a great time! I will confess to participating in this activity previously, but as I am far from proficient at this type of dance, it felt like the first time all over again. Now, this is not something I would have thought to go to on my own, I went with a co-worker so we could learn some dances for an upcoming work event. On arriving we wrote out our name tags and were introduced to everyone, I was surprised to see how many people showed up, then partner up for the first set (I'm not familiar with the lingo, but I think that meant the line the men and women form while facing one another). As usual, there was a shortage of gentlemen, so I started the evening filling in as one, ready to learn the steps and moves for the first dance. And then the music started, we were "giving honors" (bows and curtsies, and we were off dancing down the line.
Now I didn't just magically know the steps, that would have been fabulous, an instructor called out all the steps, over the music, directing where we were to go. I knew I was making mistakes, but everyone was so kind and generous, politely guiding me to where I needed to be, that I didn't care I was wrong. I smiled so much my cheeks started to hurt, I almost felt bad about laughing, but I was enjoying myself too much to care. With the music playing I felt like I had stepped back in time...or onto the movie set for a 16th century film.

Eventually I was able to step in as a lady, though it didn't seem that different as dancing as the gentleman. I did get yelled at for anticipating a step where the man was suppose to advance to the lady...I did that ever time it came around, completely oblivious to the instructor yelling "Marcie, let the gentleman come to you!" Good life advice there.

Turns out though, I'm a pretty good dancer! I pick up the steps fairly quickly, mainly from my ability to listen and follow directions and my inner sense of rhythm. Would I do this again? Well, that's kinda out of my hands, as I said I would help with the event at work. But I think I would venture to attend another dancing session, even though it will in no way help me get a head in life (how would that look on my resume as a skill?).

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